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From Disposal to Sustainability Top 10 Considerations for Choosing Your Chemical Waste Partner


Heather Mitchell

Choose your Chemical Waste management partner for a Greener Future Heather Mitchell, Mastermelt’s Commercial Operations managers gives advice on how to choose the best partner for your chemical waste.

“You need a strategic approach that considers sustainability, compliance, and resource recovery. As a Chemical Waste Manager, choosing the right partner is crucial. This guide will provide you with 10 key considerations to help you make the best decision.”

Heather Mitchell | Commercial Operations Manager | Mastermelt Ltd


RESOURCE RECOVERY: Choosing a chemical waste partner for a circular economy.

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In today’s world, the management of chemical waste demands more than just disposal—it requires a strategic approach focused on sustainability, compliance, and resource recovery. As a Chemical Waste Manager entrusted with the management of a variety of chemical waste streams, your role is of utmost importance. Selecting the right partner for waste management is crucial, here is our top 10 considerations:

1. Chain of Command Protection: Loss of control over the integrity of waste streams, ensuring they are handled ethically and responsibly to prevent unauthorised actions is the number one priority.

2. Reputation and Reliability: Suppliers with a proven track record of reliability and a good reputation within the industry. This includes factors such as adherence to regulations, environmental permits, ethical practices, and timely delivery of services.

3. Sustainability and Environmental Compliance: Companies with the correct environmental permits to treat the specific waste stream is fundamental. Those with EcoVadis or similar sustainability ratings are a good indicator of a partner who has Environmental & Social governance as a high priority.

4. Certificates and Accreditations: Waste managers may prioritise suppliers who hold relevant certificates, accreditations, or certifications, such as ISO certifications, indicating adherence to quality, environmental, and safety standards.

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6. Expertise and Experience: In the case of handling precious metals this must include knowledge of different recycling processes, understanding of specific precious metal properties, proficiency in sampling and analysis to accurately measure the precious metal content.

7. Technological Capabilities: Waste managers look for suppliers equipped with advanced technologies for efficient and effective precious metal recovery. This includes technologies for complex waste streams including hazardous materials.

8. Financial Stability: Waste managers assess the financial stability of potential suppliers to ensure continuity of services and avoid disruptions in the recycling process. This includes evaluating the supplier’s financial health, stability, and long-term viability. Members (

9. Cost-effectiveness: While quality and reliability are essential, waste managers also consider the cost-effectiveness of recycling services – however cost is not always the deciding factor. They seek suppliers offering competitive pricing and transparent pricing structures without compromising on quality or compliance.

10. Customer Support and Long-Term Partnerships: Effective communication and responsive customer support are valued by waste managers. Suppliers who maintain open lines of communication, provide regular updates on recycling processes, and those with innovative thinking and problem-solving approach to waste management are a major benefit.


By considering these key factors, waste managers can select a reliable and efficient supplier for recycling their waste including precious metal waste materials, ensuring responsible disposal and maximum resource recovery.

At Mastermelt, we specialise in providing Waste Managers with the confidence and compliance they need.

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