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The Mastermelt Group of Companies focuses on the recovery of precious metals from production scraps, waste streams and end of life products and components.

About Us

Mastermelt Ltd was formed in 1985 to service the UK jewellery industry.

The acquisition of Presman [Bullion] Ltd enabled Mastermelt Ltd to offer a full recycling and scrap buying service to the jewellery industry.

The expertise gained from servicing the jewellery industry developed further into other industrial sectors. The purchase of the Buxton site led to the formation of Mastermelt Refining Services in 2000. This was then followed in 2006 by the launch of Mastermelt America LLC in Tennessee, USA and in 2015 ECO Mastermelt Pty in Singapore.



Group Companies

Mastermelt Ltd.

Mastermelt Ltd is a precious metal recycling company that offers precious metal recovery and refining services to a wide range of industries.

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Presman (Bullion) Ltd

Presman was formed in 1985 to primarily support the Hatton Garden Jewellery market, offering melt, assay and processing of sweeps and lemel.

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Mastermelt Refining

Over the years, the site has continually expanded to incorporate both smelting and chemical facilities in addition to its thermal pre treatment operation.

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Mastermelt America LLC

Mastermelt America is one of the newest and largest precious metal processors in the USA.

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ECO-Mastermelt Pte Ltd

In November 2015 Mastermelt Ltd joined ECO Special Waste Management Pte Ltd in a new venture to provide precious metal recovery services in Asia, and ECO-Mastermelt Pte Ltd was born.

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Mastermelt Alloy Division

Mastermelt Alloy is a division of the Mastermelt Group specialising in recovering value from end of life jet engines and land based turbines.

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Mastermelt GmbH

Providing precious metal recovery services to Europe. Mastermelt GmbH, is located in Aschaffenburg, Germany, a short drive from Frankfurt airport and ideally placed to service our customers in mainland Europe.

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Mastermelt Aero

Mastermelt Aero specializes in recycling and recovering value from commercial and military jet engines or turbine engines.

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