Overview of
Metal Reclamation Management

Metal Management

Metal reclamation management is the effective control of metal throughout your onsite processes. Precious metal is used in many industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, electroplating, green energy, jewellery, medical, aerospace and glass, which ultimately ends up in waste streams, residues, production scraps/rejects and end of life products. 


Demand for gold, silver and platinum group metals (PGMs) continues to rise, therefore there is huge value - financial, environmental, and operational - in recovering, recycling, and re-using precious metals. Reclaiming precious metals from waste streams through an efficient collection, grading and recycling process, provides shorter cycle times, which has a direct impact on your production operations, environmental credentials, planning and bottom line. 

Mastermelt Material Matrix

Download our material matrix to see what precious metals can be recovered from various industries and waste streams.

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What are the benefits of metal reclamation management?

Optimised Metal Recovery

Metal returned to your value chain as soon as possible

Faster payments that eases cashflow

Reduced metal “top up” purchases

Reduced finance/lease costs

Lower your CO2 footprint

Reduced environmental and social impacts compared to mining

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Metal reclamation management solutions

For over 30 years, Mastermelt has been working closely with customers to identify and implement new technologies and processes to recover precious metals from waste streams.

What can we do for you?

✔️ Offer individual tailored approaches to processing.

✔️ Handle difficult materials others are unable to treat.

✔️ Provide full administrative support with TFS’s for hazardous material.

✔️ Are financially secure.

✔️ Can treat hazardous materials.

✔️ Are independently accredited, certified and audited.

✔️ Are fully compliant with all applicable environmental regulations.

If you’d like to find out more about metal reclamation management, identifying waste streams or the opportunities for recovering precious metal from your processes, then get in touch!