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Last update: Sep 25 2021

Source: LMBA and LME

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Gold Prices Sep 24 2021
AM USD 1755.15 GBP 1280.56 EUR 1495.74
PM USD 1746.80 GBP 1275.85 EUR 1491.24
Platinum Prices Sep 07 2021
AM USD 1014.00 GBP 733.72 EUR 854.25
PM USD 1011.00 GBP 733.94 EUR 853.16
Silver Prices Sep 24 2021
AM USD 22.66 GBP 16.54 EUR 19.30
Silver Prices are released once per day.
Palladium Prices Sep 07 2021
AM USD 2396.00 GBP 1733.72 EUR 2018.53
PM USD 2387.00 GBP 1732.85 EUR 2014.35

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