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Last update: Aug 17 2019

Source: London Metal Exchange Index

See the current and historical precious metal prices for Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium in a choice of three different currencies – US Dollars (USD), Great British Pounds (GBP) or Euros (EUR). These prices are updated twice a day with the latest data from the London Metal Exchange Index. The prices show for “AM” and “PM” on each day.

You can view historical prices dating back to January 2000 and see a historical graph for each metal by clicking on the graph icon.

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Gold Prices Aug 16 2019
AM USD 1509.05 GBP 1242.55 EUR 1361.46
PM USD 1515.25 GBP 1246.14 EUR 1367.82
Platinum Prices Aug 16 2019
AM USD 834.00 GBP 687.55 EUR 752.71
PM USD 833.00 GBP 684.47 EUR 752.14
Silver Prices Aug 16 2019
AM USD 17.16 GBP 14.11 EUR 15.49
Silver Prices are released once per day.
Palladium Prices Aug 16 2019
AM USD 1447.00 GBP 1192.91 EUR 1305.96
PM USD 1458.00 GBP 1198.03 EUR 1316.48