COVID 19 UPDATE – Industrial Customers

Article by Simmone Westerman

Written by Simmone Westerman

24 March 2020

COVID 19 UPDATE – Industrial Customers


Due to the unprecedented situation we are all facing, we will be scaling back operations at our London offices from Friday 27th March.  However, our management staff and sales representatives are, as always, just a phone call away, while our administration and accounts staff have been set up to work from home.  Thus we do not anticipate serious disruption to customer service. 

Our industrial materials site at Buxton continues to work normally, with deliveries and processing of customer materials operating as usual.

The Group’s metal trading, banking and end refiner partners also continue to support Mastermelt, enabling us to make metal credits and payments on time.

The Mastermelt Group will continue monitoring the development of Covid-19, both internationally and nationally, and will follow the recommendations and guidelines from all relevant authorities and governments.

The health and safety of our staff remains our top priority, whilst at the same time continuing to provide the high level of service our customers and suppliers are accustomed to.

We will keep you updated of any changes and hope that through these very strange times, you stay safe.

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Title – COVID 19 UPDATE – Industrial Customers

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