Precious Metal Recycling in the Hydrogen Value Chain at the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Show – Europe 2024

View Toby Wildman and Eleonora Rubini presentation at theHydrogen and Fuel Cell show 2024.
We are excited to see growing interest in recycling critical metals from Fuel Cells & Electrolysers! We can support customers in various ways, even at the early development stages where smaller quantities might be dismissed elsewhere.
Mastermelt is aware how important ‘little and often’ recycling is to the metal loop and can begin helping these companies at the early development stages.
Our new PEM calculator was also we received! yet, The Mastermelt Proton Exchange Membrane [PEM] Calculator tool is a user-friendly software designed to streamline the process of determining precious metal usage and metal value in PEM either in fuel cell and electrolyser systems.

Watch the full presentation here..