Another step in the right direction ☀️

We are thrilled to announce that ECO-Mastermelt has taken a significant step towards a sustainable future by going solar today! As a part of the Group’s commitment to Environmental Social Governance (ESG), we have launched an innovative initiative to generate green energy from solar energy at our Singapore site.

Our Solar PV System has an impressive capacity of 205.095 kWP, which is enough to power around 30% of our plant’s electricity consumption, reducing our dependence on traditional power grids.

Its installation on the roof of the plant is an excellent example of how we can effectively use space and resources, while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint. By using solar energy, ECO-Mastermelt is supporting the global transition to renewable energy, safeguarding our future generations and planet.

This initiative aligns perfectly with our corporate mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the global climate action plan.

solar panels on roof solar panels on roofEco Mastermelt