Doing their bit for the planet 🌍

HUGE Congratulations to the guys at Mastermelt America for all of your hard work and dedication to get this and doing your bit for the planet 🇺🇸

Mastermelt America have been welcomed into TDEC’s Green Star Partnership!

The Tennessee Green Star Partnership (TGSP) is a voluntary environmental leadership program facilitated by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. The Tennessee Green Star Partnership is an environmental leadership program that recognizes manufacturers across the state committed to sustainability and exhibiting continuous improvement in their operations. This public/private partnership has resulted in many positive environmental outcomes including significant CO2e emissions reductions through waste diversion and increased energy efficiency, supporting TDEC’s priorities.’ 🌱

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Tennessee Green Star Award
Mastermelt America awarded the Tennessee Green Star Award

Yet Another milestone! 🎉🇨🇳

ECO-Mastermelt are proud to announce receipt of its regulatory certification for Precious Stones and Precious Metals Dealers from the Ministry of Law, in accordance with the new 2019 Act.

The Act seeks to establish an Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism regime, which will raise AML/CFT standards within the sector and has the full support of the entire Mastermelt Group across the globe.


Our guy is flying high! ✈️

Huge congratulations to our very own Matthew Davis on being appointed to the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association’s (AFRA) leadership board of directors as the Director Treasurer. AFRA is a membership based, global collaboration, to elevate industry performance and increase commercial value for end of service aircrafts.

Some of aerospace’s biggest names are members, including, Boeing, Bombardier, GE (GECAS subdivision), Lufthansa Technik, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce.

Mastermelt Alloy are delighted to be part of the AFRA family, as it is another confirmation for our customers that we are  committed to best practice in the aerospace industry. 


The Mastermelt team had a very successful show and enjoyed delivering the Tailored Catalyst Processing message to the CPHIattendees in North America.

Global industry expert, Dr Jamie Conway-Baker delivered a well received catalyst showcase, demonstrating how the Mastermelt Group can optimise returns on the industry’s precious metal catalysts.

Congratulations to the winners of our Jack Daniel’s giveaway, courtesy of our Mastermelt America Tennessee plant.

Forever Upgrading

Our new melting furnace has been installed 🔥

Due to the continuing rapid business growth at ECO-Masterment, in order to cope with the increase of material being melted, to speed up the throughput, there was a need to substantially increase the melting capacity. After much deliberation, it was decided that the existing furnace would be replaced by a new induction furnace with 8x capacity.

The hugely successful project took 6 weeks to complete and with the addition of a new cooling tower, greatly improved extraction and a bar mould turntable, a week’s melting is now done in a day.

Environmentally, the new equipment is far more efficient even when melting small lots.

More on ECO Mastermelt:


Eco-Mastermelt (Singapore) are thrilled to announce our new ISO accreditations.

The International Standard Organisation’s globally recognised and highly sought after accreditations, are awarded to companies who can demonstrate compliance with the very high standards required in each ISO category, as well as an ongoing commitment to review and improve.

Receiving the ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) awards, confirms our commitment to protecting the environment in our processing as well as giving our customers the very best service.

The company will now be routinely and externally audited to ensure continuing compliance. Receiving these ISO’s awards is an exceptional business achievement and Eco-Mastermelt is delighted.





Unbelievable…and we did it in only two years!

To kick-start 2019 we’re celebrating the second anniversary and incredible success of ECO-Mastermelt.

Based in Singapore, ECO-Mastermelt provides industry-leading precious metal recovery services to the whole of Asia.  The Singapore processing plant was literally built from the ground up but already has expansion plans. The rapid success of the company is due to Mastermelt’s expertise in precious metals combined with ECO’s waste management facilities and experience.

In celebration of our achievements we want to express our gratitude to you, our loyal customers, for your continued support. We have shared some photos so you can see how it all began and also where we are today.

To find out more about ECO-Mastermelt and our services here:




IPMI International Precious Metals Institute Platinum Dinner

September saw a record number of attendees at the prestigious IPMI New York Platinum Dinner. The Mastermelt Group are proud to be a major sponsor of this event which brings together major players from the precious metal industry. The International Precious Metal Institute is the leading worldwide organisation for companies involved with precious metals which ranges from banking and refining, to the supply of products. The Mastermelt Group has a long association with the IPMI and is also represented on the Board of Directors, putting us at the forefront of changes in legislation or new technologies.


Robert Davis was a guest of Johnson Matthey and can be seen with Robert Bullen Smith, Johnson Matthey’s General Manager of Refining and Chemicals Asia.


Robert Davis, Chairman of the Group and Mark Degnan, CEO Mastermelt America.