Diamond Recovery

We can reclaim your diamonds which are set in gold, platinum and palladium Jewellery.

Our Recovery Service

Recover your diamonds before melting your metal.
Thank you for considering using Mastermelt to recycle your old diamond jewellery stock.
This process is an excellent way to reclaim your unwanted or outdated jewellery and put the value of the diamonds and precious metal back into your business.
By working with us, you can be assured that your diamonds will be recovered in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

Important info

⃟ Gold, Platinum & Palladium jewellery should be kept separate.

⃟ There is careful monitoring and control throughout.

⃟ ‘Hard’, semi precious stones are generally not affected by the process. We are able to segregate and sort your diamonds.


Will there be any damage to the diamonds?

The process is designed for diamonds, which are the hardest precious stones and will be delivered back to you in perfect condition. Treated stones or stones with deep inclusions, may be affected by the process.

What about Semi precious stones?

Softer or treated gems could discolour or possibly become damaged by the process. If your jewellery contains pearls or opals, the corrosive acids will damage them, so if you want to keep these, it’s best to have them removed by a jeweller.

What happens once we recover your diamonds?

The reclaimed stones are returned to you, and your metal, smelted, assayed and then valued for payment.

Can you reclaim Platinum?

If the stones are set in platinum, the process may take longer, as platinum is very hard and may need to be repeatedly treated.

Can you reclaim Silver?

No! Due to the chemical process we use, unfortunately Silver is unrecoverable.

Before we can process any diamond recovery, all customers must sign our Diamond Recovery Disclaimer Form


Get in touch to order a free post envelope/ arrange a collection of your diamond recovery.

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