The tailored catalyst process


Catalyst characterisation based on an extensive knowledgebase and experience, will determine a tailored treatment process, which will deliver the best value returns.

At Mastermelts we have seen the majority of types of catalyst and have dedicated base case treatment portfolios for them. This includes:

  • Pd /Pt/Rh/Ru on activated carbon eg for hydrogenation.
  • Pd homogeneous catalysts eg for cross coupling reactions.
  • Rh homogeneous catalysts eg for hydroformylation reactions.

Specialised catalysts such as:

  • Pt/Pd on Alumina
  • Pd on CaCO3
  • Ir homogeneous catalysts


We also understand that the process where the catalyst is utilised will have an effect on the treatment route. Matrix effects such as the residual solvents present, base metals and halogen species will vary.

Finally, the plant pretreatment of the catalyst will have an effect on the processing. Various techniques such as steam treatment, solvent washing, nitrogen purging and the type of filtration or separation method used to isolate the catalyst are important.


Once we understand these aspects we will conduct analysis on a small sample of catalyst in our laboratory. This will include matrix evaluation as well as the thermogravimetric properties of the material.

We will use this data to modify our base case for the catalyst type and determine performance benchmarks. This may include the use of chemical pretreatments or additives to modify and optimise the thermal treatment process.


Technical scale-up of tailored process route, which is monitored using rigorous process controls, ensures safe and effective production scale validation.



For the first delivery of catalyst, we will inspect the material to ensure the material conforms with the sample previous provided. We will record details of the catalyst and take photographs to keep a record before processing starts.


The initial processing will then take place on a small sample of catalyst, normally 10-25kg. This first trial will be monitored by our technicians and process measurements compared against the process design. These benchmarks could include the exoterm rate, ash %, O2 depletion rate, tracer spike analysis.


Assuming the initial trial benchmarks are within limits, then the volumes will be increased to a minimum production scale.



Efficient and expedient processing of large volumes of catalyst, underpinned by performance benchmarking, resulting in industry leading precious metal returns.


When the performance benchmarks have been met, the production technicians look to optimise the through put of the catalyst. This will include using Mastermelts unique process equipment and operating methods to increase the throughput of the process.


Knowing the benchmark envelope will ensure that this throughput optimisation will not reduce the performance of the process in recovering the maximum amount of metal.

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