Mastermelt Refining Services site is set up to treat a variety of materials arising from the industrial sector including chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, and plating industries.

The processes are designed for large volume work from within these industrial sectors. We are able to offer collection within the UK mainland and provide information regarding labeling and packaging requirements for road transport.


Processes include

  • Thermal Pre Treatment,
  • Milling,
  • Cyanide stripping & recovery,
  • Acid processing,
  • Large & small scale melting
  • Shotblasting.

Materials We Process

  Au/Ag copper plated scrap

 Electronic components i.e. IC’s, MLCC scrap, wafers

 PGM plated components including aerospace blades

 Silver conductive film and pastes

 Wipes & pots arising from the Electronics industry

 Gold/Silver cyanide solutions

 PGM acid containing solutions

 Precious Metal containing ion exchange resins and filters

  Precious metal catalysts and filters from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Fuel Cell Battery Fuel cell production scrap and stacks containing precious metal