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Mastermelt is your first choice for the processing of all types of jewellery workshop waste.

We will pay you quickly, by cash, cheque, bank transfer, fine grain or metal transfer.

Why not come and watch your melt?

Our services include:

     Fast melt & assay with on-site laboratory.

  All workshop waste processed including lemel, swarf, sweeps and flooring.

      Supply, fit and process extraction bags.

        Supply, empty and process waste from settlement tanks.

   Workshop cleanup service.

       Plating Solutions.

        Diamond reclamation.


         Workshop reclamation talks.

 Meet our team of reclamation consultants

Covering the whole of the UK, our team are on hand to advise you how to improve your precious metal reclamation but remember, the very best tip is…don’t throw anything away.

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       Craig White.                                                     Jerry Witcomb                                              Mark Cutler


Fun Fact: Craig is affectionately known as the ‘smiley tanned man’.         

Fun Fact: Jerry has been riding motorbikes (and falling off) for more than forty years. 

Fun Fact: Mark teaches children to swim and used to be a qualified lifeguard.