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How to make money from your jewellery workshop…

The easiest reclamation is the high grade filings and dust caught in your bench skin. Don’t forget that some of the dust settles on the bench top, which should be regularly brushed or vacuumed, put into a lemel pot and always kept separate from your low grade sweep.

Use carpets and mats as much as possible in your workshop as they brush your feet and collect metal extremely efficiently. Never throw out old workshop carpets or mats, cut them up if possible and throw them into your Mastermelt sweep bags.

Vacuum your workshop daily and throw the full bags into your sweep.  Metal dust is heavy so it will always fall to the floor. Don’t walk it around the building, place disposable mats in doorways and collect the used ones in your sweep bag.

Wet Wipes 
Wipe your hands with wet wipes after polishing or working at the bench. Regularly wipe down all the surfaces in your workshop and throw the used wipes into your sweep bag.

Remember over a period of time, the surface of your work bench will have tiny particles of metal ground into the wood. It is worth sanding down your bench from time to time and vacuuming up the dust as part of your sweep.

Always empty your ultrasonic cleaner through a settlement tank. If you do not have a settlement tank, empty it into a bucket and wipe the tank clean with paper towels and throw them into your sweep bag. Let the contents settle overnight, then carefully drain off the excess water. Wipe out the bucket with more paper towels, which again go into your sweep bag.

Settlement Tanks 
A settlement tank is fitted between the sink and the drain, which enables it to collect precious metal sludge from the water waste. Emptying time will depend on levels of throughput.

Barreling & Pinning Machine 
Always empty barrels and pinning machines through a settlement tank. If you don’t have one, use wet wipes and paper towels to thoroughly clean the machine and throw them all into your sweep collection bag. this is the same procedure for your ultrasonic, once the fluid has been carefully poured away.

Polishing Sweep 
This is everything used for jewellery polishing, including discarded polishing dust, mops, brushes, felts, cotton wool, sanding discs, wet wipes and all filters.

Manufacturing Sweep 
This is your general workshop waste, including buff sticks, wet wipes, job packets, hoover bags, chair covers, sweepings and any floor coverings. Do not put batteries, lighters or aerosols in the sweep because they will explode!

All filters and dust bags from extraction units are lucrative collection points and need to be cleaned and changed regularly, depending on throughput. Regular cleaning of extraction equipment will also keep it running efficiently.

Lemel Pot

Your lemel scrap and off-cuts can be collected and stored in your Mastermelt lemel pot until you want to cash it in.

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Your Mastermelt sweep bag can be used to collect all of your general workshop waste, but always keep your high grade lemel, seperate from your sweep.

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How much extra money could you find from the workshop rubbish you throw away?

See a selection of short advice videos on our ‘Reclamation Videos’ page.

The Mastermelt team are happy to visit your jewellery workshop, to explain how easy precious metal reclamation is and how a few tips could add pounds to your payments.