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Presman Mastermelt's FREE reclamation seminar

Waste to Wonga…

We offer a free 30 minute makeover seminar to jewellery schools, colleges and groups, teaching them the secrets of making money from the ‘rubbish’ in your jewellery workshop.

Our 30 minute makeover is designed for the practical jeweller sitting at the bench, or any jewellery producers using precious metals.

Interested in hosting one of our free 30 minute makeover seminars?

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 It was a very informative and insightful presentation. I was never aware on how much valuable materials just get ‘wasted’ in a jewellery workshop. I would definitely recommend to all jewellers and silversmiths to take more care about what can be saved and reclaimed. (and i’ll never throw my hoover bag away ever again!)  
Kelvin J. Birk – Gold & Silversmith


 Marks talk to our students was a great introduction to the services Mastermelt provide. His visit was very informative and was a fantastic lesson in metal reclamation. It should be essential for all jewellery students! 
Lee Mitchell – Head of department at Duncan Johnstone university, Dundee


 Mark visited us in the Alloy Jewellers’ workshop for a scrap metal presentation.
He is very friendly and knowledgeable and gave us some fantastic tips for saving money at the bench!
We really enjoyed meeting him and would love to have him back to chat to our new members.
The whole team at Presman Mastermelt are fantastic, I would recommend 100%! 
Elizabeth Terzza – Chair of Alloy Jewellers.