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Which children’s nursery rhyme is reputedly about pawning a coat in order to get food for the family?
To the nearest 100, how many pawnbroker shops are there in the UK?
This picture is the earliest example of a trading Pawnbroker shop and was issued in 1751 by English artist William Hogarth but where is it?
Pawnbroking can be traced back as far as?
The below image is the traditional symbol seen outside most Pawnbroking stores, three gold balls suspended from a bar. However the origins of the symbol can be traced back to which family?
Which ruler pawned the royal jewels to raise money for a war against France?
The Pawnbroker Act of which year licensed Pawnbrokers and permitted them to charge twenty percent, with a fifth going to work houses and hospitals?
Which TV soap pictured below featured a resident buying a Pawn Shop?
The Society which represents the pawnbrokers in the UK is the called the NPA, what does NPA stand for?
Pawnbrokers often get offered a set of gold teeth but which celebrity’s teeth made a record £18,000 in July 2010 when they sold at auction?
In London 1785 how much would a pawnbroker license cost?
In which country did the first Pawnbrokers emerge more than 3,000 years ago?
The word “Pawn” stems from the Latin word “Patinum” but what is the meaning of this word?
PawnBroking was extremely popular in Britain in the late 19th Century, when it is said that there were nearly as many pawnbrokers as?
On the American “Pawn Stars” TV show what celebrity visited the Store to purchase a WW2 divers knife?
The current governing body for Pawnbroking is the FCA but what does FCA stand for?
A surrey pawnbroker once gave £1M for which pawned vehicle?
How long must a Pawnbroker keep a customer’s pledged (pawned) goods before disposal, if unredeemed or not renewed?


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