Capture Cells

Although resin based metal scavenging systems are not new, the Mastermelt Group have developed a unique product that reclaims precious metals from rinse/waste waters at concentrations typically <1ppm, which were previous lost in water/waste treatment plants.

 We will provide a free and full feasibility service for you.

 Install a complete recovery system and manage its performance

 Manage and deal with all technical and engineering solutions.

 Significant and previously untapped financial returns have been achieved in many cases.



Our functionalized scavenger will allow you to recover and recycle precious metals from aquas solutions.

The Multi Functional Ligand, with membrane, proven to be most efficient and effective in capturing low concentrations of precious metal.

 High affinity      High selectivity      Non equilibrium irreversible binding.

Typical Installation


Flow rate up to 1.0 gal/min.


Advantages of the Capture Cell

 No risk.  Mastermelt owns the recovery cell and leases it to the customer free of charge.

 Customers recover previously lost precious metals.

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