Market Sectors

The use of precious metals in industry dates back from ancient times starting with the production of jewellery and coinage.

In the last 50 years the demand for gold and the platinum group metals has expanded into many other industries.

Platinum, palladium and rhodium are widely used in catalysts in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical and chemical industries. They are also used in diverse applications, such as food preservation, anti-cancer drugs, antiseptic dressings, aerospace and fuel cells.

In this section we detail industries and typical material types that we refine on behalf of our customers.



The Mastermelt Group has developed non destructive chemical processes to reclaim platinum from end of life engine components.

In addition these processes add significant value to the base alloys of these components.

Our sites are licensed to carry out the following processes:

  • Gold and Palladium reclaim from Brazing Alloys
  • Gold and Silver reclaim from Avionics
  • Silver reclaim from coated components and wires
  • Platinum reclaim from aero engine hot section components


Mastermelt treats a range of production residues from the architectural and heat resistant glass industries.

Our sites are licensed to treat the following PGM residue materials:

  • PGM residues and resins from architectural glass production
  • PGM residues from heat resistant tableware borosilicate production lines
  • Silver residues from mirroring applications.


Production scraps / residues from the manufacturing of diabetes testing kits and surgical dressings, are the types of materials we process.

Our sites are licensed to treat the following medical industry materials:

  • PGM alloy scrap
  • Silver residues and reject products
  • PGM coated parts
  • Pt crucibles

PEM-Fuel cells and PEM-Electrolysers.

Wastes from the manufacturing of PGM catalyst powders, inks and slurries (Pt, Ir, Rh & Ru) used in PEM-Fuel cell/PEM-Electrolyser production.

‘Wet’ PGM wastes as inks and slurries from the coating of PEM’s (proton exchange membranes).

‘Dry’ PGM wastes from the manufacturing of MEA’s (Membrane Electrode Assemblies) as catalyst residues, evaporated slurries, PEM reels, gas diffusion layers (GDL’s) and sealant materials.

‘Consumable’ PGM wastes as used product pots, contaminated wipes and PPE from the manufacturing of MEA’s.

Waste MEA’s from PEM-Fuel cell/PEM-Electrolyser stack production.

MEA’s removed from the EOL PEM-Fuel cell/PEM-Electrolyser.

Precious metals used for other components in the PEM-Fuel cell stack such as Pt, Pd or Au coated bipolar plates.


Mastermelt upgrade low grade materials such as wires and scrap plated components to optimise deliverable precious metal credits.

Our sites are licensed to treat the following materials from the electroplating process:


Au & Ag cyanide solutions

PGM solutions and plating baths

Ion exchange resins and scavengers

Wipes and filters

Precious metal coatings on jigging wires and components

Au & Ag plated scrap

Spent anodes

Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru plated scrap


Mastermelt’s process a myriad of materials from these sectors ranging from high grade sputtering targets to lower grade wipes and pots. Obsolete and reject parts are always destroyed ensuring sensitive technology re-appearing in the market place.

Our sites are licensed to treat the following materials:

MLCC component scrap

Thick film scrap

Scrap ICs

Shot blasting media

Sputterer shield cleaning


Spent precious metal targets with or without backing plates

Plated components

Waste solutions with PGM’s

Wipes and paste pots



These Industries use a range of precious metal catalysts in the commercial production of their products.

One of the key components in the processing of these residues is the thermal pre treatment stage to remove organics and volatile components. By using controlled temperature conditions and investing in leading technology for gas abatement the Mastermelt Group is a major global processor in this sector.

Our sites are licensed to treat the following materials:

Spent PGM on carbon or celite catalyst residues

Catchment filters contaminated with PGM catalyst

PGM residues from the nitric acid industry

Wipes impregnated with precious metals

Ion exchange resin beds

PGM residues from the chloro alkali industry

PGM recovery from coated components

Liquid phase PGM catalyst residues

PGM on alumina/silica catalysts

Thermocouple wire