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How much is One Carat (1.00ct) in grams?
What gemstone was believed by both the Greeks and Romans to prevent drunkenness?
What is the hardest natural mineral on earth?
What gem was Cleopatra famous for dissolving in wine and drinking?
If you had a stone that displayed “Asterism” what might you see in your gemstone?
How many gemstones were on the High Priest’s Breastplate in the bible?
What is the traditional birthstone for August?
What is the modern day name for the country that used to be called Ceylon?
What is the name of quartz that occurs naturally as part purple and part yellow?
What scale is commonly used by gemologists to compare relative hardness of gemstones?
What is the largest cut diamond in the world?
What type of gem material is the large red gemstone, called the Black Prince’s Ruby, in the Imperial state crown?
What element of the periodic table is one of the causes yellow colour in diamond?
What is the name of the gem testing equipment that shows what colours are absorbed by a gemstone from visible light?
In what gemstone might you find the characteristic inclusion called a “horsetail” that is made up of asbestos fibres?
How many facets are there on a standard brilliant cut diamond if no culet is cut?
In what year was Tanzanite discovered?
What is the lowest colour grade of diamond in the GIA scale before a diamond becomes Fancy Colour?


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