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How is your precious metal knowledge?

Test yourself with Presman Mastermelt’s coin Quiz!

Lets go!

What is the gold fineness of a UK full sovereign?
What does a gold full sovereign weigh?
Which special year were there no ‘proof’ sovereigns struck?
What is the capital gains tax on gold sovereigns?
Which patron saint is commonly depicted on the reverse of a sovereign?
Which year was the head of Queen Elizabeth II first struck on a sovereign?
A Gold £5 coin is equal to how many sovereigns?
What does a gold, full Krugerrand weigh?
How much fine gold is in a 22 carat gold South African Krugerrand?
Before 1920, what was the silver content in UK silver coins?
Between 1920-1946 the silver content in UK coins was reduced to which fineness?
In 2007 Canada produced the first $1M dollar, maple leaf, fine gold coin, weighing 100kgs. What did it sell for at auction in 2010?
The Isle of Man, 1 ounce, fine gold ‘Angel’ coin depicts which Archangel slaying a dragon?
Which animal is normally featured on the reverse side of Chinese gold coins?
The Pahlavi gold coin originates from which Middle Eastern Country?
Which emperor is featured on the Austrian gold ducat?
What is the gold fineness of a French 20 frank coin?
Which gold coin is not made of fine gold?


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