Catalyst Packing Guide


The catalyst should be thoroughly washed to remove as much of the active pharmaceutical ingredient and solvent as possible. The material should be delivered water wet but solid enough for easy manual handling.




Filter media, gloves and personal protective equipment etc, must be kept separated from catalyst. Auxiliary material can be sent alongside the bulk, but in  separate marked drums. The catalyst should ideally be doubled packed into a thick polythene bag, sealed at the top. Two bags should be used to reduce the chances of spontaneous ignition.



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The bags should be loaded into UN approved lined drums. An accurate gross, tare, nett weight should be listed on each drum. The appropriate hazard labels and suitable identification numbers must be put on each drum. An accurate MSDS and packing list including the estimated metal content must accompany the shipment.

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Important points to consider

Organic contaminants can be flammable and pose significant health hazards. Catalyst should be thoroughly washed, steam cleaned and delivered water wet but solid enough for easy manual handling, wetting the material decreases the potential risks of spontaneous ignition. Please avoid having any excess liquid.

Material should be packed in polyethylene bags with a maximum weight of around 20kg (for manual handling purposes). Ideally, the drum should be lined or the material be double bagged. This is designed to minimise operator’s exposure to material and limit sensitisation. The safe and proper handling of both fresh and spent catalyst helps to reduce any potential loss of PGM.

All material should be packed with markings in accordance with international transportation laws.

Drums must be UN approved. If any alternative packaging is to be used, please discuss this in advance with your Mastermelt’s sales representative.

There are a number if regulations to take into consideration, included but not limited to Health and Safety at Work Act – Duty of Care, COSHH Regulations, IATA, IMDG, OSHA-Hazcom, ADR and EU Waste Shipment Regulations. It is the sender’s responsibility to check and obey both national and international regulations.

Prior to shipping, any catalyst an up to date Material safety data sheet and a completed material acceptance form (#SGN 5.06) must be sent to Mastermelt’s at least 7 days before shipping material. This should be accompanied by a detailed packing list, including the expected metal content with the approved EWC code listed.

If this is the first time we have treated this material type, we may ask for a trail to be conducted on a sample lot prior to accepting the bulk shipment. Please discuss this with your Mastermelt sales representative.

The Mastermelt Group are focused on recovering precious metals used across a number of industries in an open, honest and transparent customer focused manner, ensuring our customers get the most value from any material containing precious metals.



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