Processed Materials

Mastermelt America offers the industrial sectors with a fully licensed site with special expertise and skills to process a wide variety of precious metal containing residues and solutions.

We already service a number of internationally renowned companies in the recovery of precious metals within America, Europe and Asia.

Please contact us and we will discuss with you ways of maximizing the recovery of precious metals from your processes.

Precious metal containing residues and solutions

 Rhodium solutions

 PGMs in acid solutions

  Incineration of spent carbon-based catalysts and residues

 Filters from the chemical and plating industry

  Treatment of circuit boards and connectors

 Stripping of Au plated components

Fuel Cell Battery Fuel cell production scrap and stacks containing precious meta

 Removal of Pt from aerospace turbine blades

 High grade alloys and residues.

  Au, Pt and Ru targets from the manufacture of hard discs

 Specialize in the treatment of more complex residues

Treatment of both acid and cyanide solutions

Licensed to handle organics associated with precious metal catalysts residues and solutions