Mastermelt America’s refining services provide a positive environmental impact by reducing landfill discard and natural resource extraction. Mastermelt America is a zero discharge facility. We take the stewardship of customers’ recyclable materials seriously with detailed tracking from material receipt to precious metal extraction.


Our Environmental Regulations

We go beyond compliance with all federal, state, local and other environmental laws, codes, regulations and permits applicable to our business and activities.

Environmental excellence is an integral part of our planning, budgeting, sourcing and decision making.

We train all employees regarding their obligations with respect to our policies.

We offer pollution prevention through waste minimization, process optimization, recycling and source reduction opportunities.

Mastermelt America’s executive management monitors compliance in both letter and spirit through a systematic program of internal and external environmental compliance audits.

Continually improving our environmental performance beyond our ISO 14001 Certification.

We proactively aid our customers in their environmental compliance and impact management.

Licenses and Accreditations

To assist our customers in conducting pre-audits of our sites we have attached copies of all our site licenses plus our ISO Environmental and Quality accreditations.

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